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New Requirements, New Ideas

Whether it’s a unique frost effect, extraordinary metallic effect or biopolymers – the world of polymers with equally innovative customers is constantly growing. We are a company with a long, successful history, and that’s why our teams are always working on new solutions and alternatives. Innovations are a crucial factor to our success in meeting your needs in the long run.

Lifocolor has introduced many new products to the market over the years:

  • LIFOCOLOR BIO: Sustainable and environment-friendly colours
  • LIFOMOD: Process additive for processing POM
  • LIFOCOLOR METAL LOOK: Metallic effect completely without subsequent surface treatment
  • LIFOLAS M for PA and POM: Highest quality laser marking for polyamides and Polyoxymethylenes
  • LIFOPAL: Frost effect and light diffuser in one
  • LIFORMANCE: Standard colours for PPS
  • LIFOCOLOR PURE BLACK: Blacker than black
  • LIFOCYCLE: Recyclable products and tools
  • LIFOSLIP D 20/112 PP: Anti-scatch additive against scratches and film build-up on dark surfaces
  • LIFOCOLOR Brilliant Gold: Gold masterbatches with incredible shine
  • LIFOBACT: Effective protection against the spread of microorganisms onto polymer surfaces

Information about our products can be downloaded from the Downloads area.

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