Colour Road 2022 - Colours for Cosmetics
Colour Road 2022 - Colours for Cosmetics

Next season's trend colours for the cosmetics industry

Next season's trend colours for the cosmetics industry

Interpreting our environment through our senses is a dynamic process, which begins with our visual perception of colour, telling our other senses what to expect. By touching the object we see, we can then confirm these expectations – or else we’re in for a surprise. Seeing always correlates with the sense of touch: seeing is feeling, too.

In the fashion and beauty industry, this multi-sensual perception of colour matters a lot: by seeing and feeling different surfaces – like those of beauty and care packaging – we create an individual interpretation of the colour and the entire product. We decide whether it matches and expresses our personality or emotions. The combination of seeing, feeling and sensually experiencing the colour can have a strong impact on our purchase decision.

Especially in the current times of contact restrictions and lockdowns, we lack touches – all the more intensely we feel it. Pleasant touches lower our cortisol levels and therefore our stress levels. Touches therefore calm us down and give us a feeling of security.

We have responded to the desire for contact during this time with the themes of Colour Road Cosmetics 2022: Our first theme ELEMENTS is about feeling the elements with yellow, blue and green impulses from wind, water and earth. The neutral trend world FUNDAMENTAL shows us surfaces like leather, wool and stones that are connected to the material itself. The third theme STATEMENT addresses the emotional world that coloured surface experiences evoke in us with certain shades of red and pink.

Stay healthy and get inspired with our new trend colours 2022 for your beauty and care products!
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Brochure Colour Road 2022 - Colours for Cosmetics (PDF)

Sample set shown on the right: Cooperation with product samples in Trend Colours 2022
Colour Development: Lifocolor Group /
Cosmetic Packaging: bomo trendline innovative Cosmetic GmbH /

About Bomo Trendline:
Even more than other industries, the cosmetics market is characterised by individual needs and constant innovation. At bomo trendline innovative Cosmetic GmbH Eschbronn, the name says it all: Founded in 1998, grown from the group of companies with its own mould and tool construction with plastic injection moulding and integrated assembly company, we have been successfully offering our international clientele a comprehensive product repertoire of high-quality plastic packaging as well as full-service products and services for all aspects of decorative and care cosmetics for 20 years now. Our product portfolio covers all areas of cosmetics, taking into account all applications and trends on the cosmetics market and creating new ones. Our technical know-how in the design of packaging and formulations, the high pace of innovation and our flair for shapes, design and products enable us to meet the high demands of the market.

Colours and Products:
15 ml Cairo Airless:  Granite (Art. 8004497)
30 ml Cairo Airless:  Sunray (Art. 1002842) and Blue Sea (Art. 5006673)
50 ml Luna Jar:    Moss Green (Art. 4005593)
Lipliner, Design Base:   Blush (Art. 3006450)
Nail Care, Design Bambus:  Brave (Art. 3006686)

The sample sets can be requested from Lifocolor at any time.

Colour Road 2022 - Colours for Cosmetics

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