Colour Road 2021
Colour Road 2021

Scent of Colours

The Smell of Colours

“I don’t know what love is, but I know my wife smells good.”  
These words of the Chi Gong Master Li suitably describe the almost endless field of smells. We have 50 million olfactory receptors that are directly connected to our cranial nerves and cerebral association centers, and thus to the huge database of our past experiences and emotions. The corresponding colour shades are also stored here.

In order to understand and guide purchase decisions, millions and millions are invested in research and development of fragrances. Advertising and many companies work with this knowledge. It is also important to have a good nose for the latest trends – our experts have set out on a search.

Who does not associate with fresh coffee scent or the smell of a good red wine feelings of comfort and warmth?

If we look at the bright blue of the ocean, we can literally smell the fresh sea breeze and –  who knows – reactivate memories of carefree childhood days on the beach. With this in mind, we invite you to this year’s Colour Road and into the wide world of colours and fragrances.

In addition, one thing is promised at this point:  An extremely colourful and fragrant bouquet of colour and fragrance associations awaits you!

Take also a look into our Colour Road 2021 trend colours broschure (PDF)

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Colour Road 2021

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