Colour Road 2022 - Colour up your biopolymers!
Colour Road 2022 - Colour up your biopolymers!

Sustainable colouring at the highest level

Lifocolor presents the trendy colours of 2022 for biopolymers compostable at home

The sensual interpretation of our environment is a dynamic process: It begins with coloured vision, which arouses sensual expectations in us. The touch experience confirms our expectations - or it surprises us. Seeing always correlates with the sense of touch: seeing is also feeling. If we look at slate, we expect a fine roughness of the surface. A reflective red lacquer signals hardness, smoothness in the material and possibly passion. Leather, on the other hand, gives us a solid feeling of trusting, dignified relaxation, even security. We associate the green lichens on weathered stones with extreme dryness and a porous surface.

Interplay of colours and surfaces important for product design

Our new colour palette tickles our expectation, even anticipation of being touched - with our haptic, but also with the emotional feeling. We perceive surfaces as smooth, rough, soft, hard, corrugated, grainy, grained, warm or cold. We feel stimulated, refreshed or invited to linger by them. This interaction between colours and surfaces as well as seeing and feeling should be considered during the design process of plastic products. Due to different surface structures of the processed polymers, colours may also also differ in their intensity and statement.

Smooth, reflective plastic surfaces appear harder and cooler and so does the colour. Matt plastic surfaces radiate a greater softness. Whether glossy smooth or velvety matt - both textures can also convey a high degree of elegance, depending on the colour tone. Structured plastic surfaces allow colours to be experienced more intensively and often more vividly.

Colour Road Trend Colours 2022 also for home-compostable biopolymers

The focus of the inspiration for Colour Road 2022 has always been people and the perception of their environment. If you look at the correlation between seeing and feeling, you can ask yourself: How do we perceive nature and how do we feel it? Which touches, colours and sensations does it give us? And above all, how can we preserve our environment and these gifts that it  gives us?

All these thoughts moved us in the interpretation of the colours for the colouring of plastics. Because: For us as the Lifocolor Group, thinking and acting sustainably to protect our environment is an important mission, a matter close to our hearts and a practiced commitment. As an important part of the supply chain and a leading supplier for the plastics processing industry, we take on this responsibility.
Our Colour Road 2022 therefore marks another important contribution to promoting future-oriented and sustainable plastic solutions made from biopolymers.

For the first time, Lifocolor has designed its trend colour series specifically for colouring home-compostable bioplastics. This means that all colourants should decompose into water, carbon dioxide and biocompatible organic molecules or minerals during the decomposition process under home composting conditions. This protects the environment and no toxic or contaminating components are released into nature.

With this we show: Degradable biopolymers can be coloured to match the latest trends. Biopolymers doesn’t have to look boring, on the contrary: sustainability and trendy colours go well together.

Now let yourself be inspired by our trend colours 2022 and talk to us about how we can support you in your biopolymer project.

Discover the Colour Road with us in our trend film featuring Merle Fairhurst and Studio Glatz & Glatz

Colour Road 2022 - Colour up your biopolymers!

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