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The Golden Age for Cosmetics, Beauty and Personal Care Packaging

With new brilliant gold effect masterbatches from Lifocolor Group, plastics may look like pure gold..


With new masterbatches from Lifocolor Group, packaging for cosmetics, beauty and personal care products may look like pure gold. The brilliant gold effect impresses with its authentic appearance and sets new standards in terms of the high-quality refinement of plastics. Highly reflective pigments create a special intensity, brilliance and a typical velvety shimmer. Even in small doses, the effect masterbatches achieve an enormously high opacity in polyolefins.

Gold, the most legendary noble metal, has fascinated mankind for centuries: it does not corrode and it remains resiliently pure and shiny, making it both valuable and highly sought-after. The effect of gold can be exhilarating. Its colour is unique: a radiant, warm shade of yellow that shimmers brilliantly in the light.

High quality and authentic gold effects are highly demanded in product design for cosmetics, beauty and personal care packaging. Finished in brilliant gold, they not only engender tremendous desire and attention, but also emphasise the contents' high value and exclusivity.

To usher in a new golden age of plastics processing, Lifocolor has developed new masterbatches for a particularly brilliant effect.  Four different nuances turn packaging into tremendously rich, pure gold tones with a velvety shimmer. The PE-based brilliant gold masterbatches are suitable for polyolefins (e.g. PP, PE) and can be used for injection, extrusion or bottle blow moulding processes at temperatures of up to 300° Celsius.

Even at low doses, an intense and brilliant gold effect with excellent coverage can be achieved. The recommended dose is between two and three per cent. The masterbatches are also suitable for applications involving food contact, as they have been approved in accordance with 10/2011 EC and the FDA.

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