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Solutions for biopolymers

Colours for biodegradable plastics

Bioplastics for a sustainable circular economy

We offer tailor-made solutions for the colouring and functionalisation of biopolymers. Our LIFOCOLOR BIO range includes products for:
bio-based, biodegradable:

  • PLA
  • PLA blends
  • PHA
  • PHA blends
  • PBS

petroleum-based, biodegradable:

  • PBAT 

bio-based, non-biodegradable:

  • Bio-PE
  • WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) or natural fiber-reinforced plastics Learn


What are bioplastics?

"Bioplastics" or "biopolymers" are plastics that are either partially or fully made from renewable or mineral, fossil-based raw materials and can be biodegradable. The terms are used with the same intention and are not protected.

Bioplastics and Circular Economy based on the Cradle-to-Cradle principle

Complete biodegradability under home compost conditions is our goal. We focus on environmentally friendly decomposition or ingredients that biologically break down as mineral residues in the soil. This aligns with our commitment to developing Eternity Colours: recyclable, especially in the case of bioplastics following the Cradle-to-Cradle principle.

Attractive trend colorus for biopolymers

Our 2022 pilot project demonstrates that bioplastics don't have to be boring. The trend colours of the Colour Road were initially designed for colouring bio-based, home-compostable plastics. Eleven LIFOCOLOR Bio-C masterbatch formulations prove that sustainability and trend colours go hand in hand. Since then, it has been our concern to design our trend colour series in a way that they can be implemented in various polymer types, whether virgin material, recyclates or bioplastics.

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Bio-C masterbatches on a natural basis

We can also design colour concentrates based on 100 percent natural, and in some cases, even completely vegan colourants.

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