Our Locations

We provide you quick, competent and with personal advice.

We Are There for You All Over the World.

We place great importance on your satisfaction. That is why we value physical proximity to our customers, so that we can better advise you and ensure short reaction times. Whether for new creations, consulting services, colour reorders, series deliveries or other questions - we are happy to be here for you.

Our Partners in Europe

We supply you throughout Europe through our plants in Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland and France. All plants are equipped with their own colour laboratory, sales and production. Within the Lifocolor Group, you can rely on product qualities to be identical in terms of chemicals and colour.

In the Benelux countries, Austria, Italy and Scandinavia, we work together with local sales partners on site. Together with our specialists from the main plant, they take care of your concerns and provide you with support in developing the right solution.

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Our Partners Worldwide

We are a founding member of the International Color Alliance (ICA), a global network that we founded in 2000 with Chroma Corp. (USA). Over the years, more members and partners have joined. In this way, we ensure the availability of all formulations with identical pigmentation anywhere in the world.


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