Colour for polymers - direct without dosing

What Are Compounds?

Compounds are a mixture of polymer with additives and/or fillers materials.

The composition makes it possible to work directly with the compounds on the processing machine without having to dose a separate masterbatch. As a result, variations in the inherent colour of different polymers and batches can be compensated.

In which cases are compounds the best choice?

In some cases, the use of compounds is particularly recommended: 

  • Distribution problems: If streaking or colour differences occur during processing
  • Too high masterbatch addition (dosage): Special applications may require high additions of colourants and additives. In such cases, a masterbatch is often not the most economical or technically best solution. A high inherent colour of the polymer can also require a high masterbatch addition, which can have a negative effect on the properties of the finished product.
  • Consistent active ingredient content: Consistent quality of the added components is essential for critical manufacturing processes (e.g. laser additives).
  • Lack of dosing systems: Qualified processing of masterbatches requires suitable dosing systems in the material feed.

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