Eternity Symbol in Orange
Eternity Colours

Eco-friendly colours inspired by nature

Innovative colourants for the circular economy

Our Eternal Colours, developed in collaboration with VENN Creative Ltd in Berlin, reflect an innovative concept based on the principles of sustainability, circular economy, and the use of natural colourants. The foundation is built on two essential questions:

  1. Natural Inspiration: Which colours and impressions from the environment and nature will continue to exist in the foreseeable future and inspire our senses?
  2. Sustainable Colourants: What colourants can we employ to sustainably and circularly introduce these 'eternal' colours and impressions into the world of polymers? Are there also 'eternal' colourants that could provide the best foundation for this?

Our concept not only aims to translate colours from nature and the environment into the world of polymers but also assesses the circularity of available colourants for different cycles. Moreover, we are always open to innovations in the field of colourants, evaluating them attentively and with curiosity, and professionally judging them.

Formulations in Harmony with the Environment

Our formulations are consciously crafted to optimally support the usage phase as well as the 'After-Use Process'— irrespective of whether we equip virgin polymers, PCR, PIR, or biopolymers. This stance and our actions enable colour and polymer to maintain an unbreakable connection with our environment for an unlimited time – truly eternal.

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