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Garden and Household

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Weatherproof and Decorative In Garden and Household

Polymers are widely used in household and garden equipment. They are light, robust, highly resistant to corrosion and allow for much freedom in the design configuration.

These are traditionally used in design components, such as enclosures and coverings. Polymers have also become established in the functional components of equipment. These are either mechanical components or parts of equipment electronics.

Design Solutions

Whether the polymers are designated for indoor use or not plays a large role in the optics. Decorative effects using metallic, glitter or tinsel pigments are popular. For outdoor use, it is necessary to minimise the effects of weather on durability and appearance. Exposure and radiation intensity should be considered when developing solutions. Artificial weathering, with which Lifocolor helps manufacturers, verifies the suitability of the material used.


Lifocolor’s expertise in the development of masterbatches for these applications is based on decades of experience, such as suitable stabilisation solutions and weather fastness colourant. In this way, durable products are developed for various usage conditions.
Sustainable products based on polymers from renewable raw materials, biodegradable polymers or post-consumer materials are constantly in demand. Lifocolor satisfies the special demands that are placed on material colouring.

Technical Solutions

In the functional components for equipment, expanded technical polymers are used. The infrastructure of these polymers require masterbatches that do not affect the mechanical stability of the parts.
Lifocolor provides appropriate solutions based on special pigments that facilitate laser-based welding for special uses, such as making sensors waterproof.
UL compliant colourant for electronic chargers are just as available as solutions that adjust the slipping property of surface gloss to the desired level.

With products made from multiple components, it is also necessary to match the colourant selection to the various polymer types and to comply with the narrow colour tolerances.

Examples of Use

  • Garden furniture
  • Garden tools
  • Irrigation systems
  • Drainage systems
  • Household cutlery
  • Coffee pots
  • Coffee machines
  • Cleaning device
  • Shavers
  • Toothbrushes

 Lifocolor Solutions / Products

  • LIFOCOLOR EFFECTS - Multi colour effect, Metal Look 2.0, Metallic effect
  • LIFOSTAT Antistatic Masterbatches
  • LIFOSTAB Light Protection Masterbatches
  • LIFOLAS M Laser Marking-Masterbatches

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Garden and Household

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