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Solutions for reused polymers

Design for Recycling

Making Polymers Recyclable

With our LifoCycle portfolio, we have created a comprehensive range of products that enables plastic processors to set the course for optimal recyclability and easy sorting in the (re)processing of virgin materials and recyclates. This is achieved, for instance, through suitable colouring solutions such as NIR-detectable masterbatches.

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For which polymers can our recycling masterbatches be used?

Our recycling masterbatches are suitable for various polymers. They can be developed based on virgin polymers (new material) as well as on partial or complete recyclate carrier systems. The latter are particularly suitable for virgin material destined for the recycling cycle. Appropriate additives counteract degradation processes in the recycling process due to repeated thermal stress.

Colour for recycled polymers

Concerning recycling plastics, colouration is crucial. Currently, sorting systems result in predominantly light and dark post-consumer recyclate (PCR) mixtures after colour sorting and polymer separation. With our interpretation of trend colour series for 2023, 2024, and 2025, we vividly demonstrate the colour spectrum achievable with coloured PCR material, both with dark and light starting materials.

Overview of plastic recycling methods

There are various methods of plastic recycling:

  • Mechanical recycling: used plastics are processed into recyclates. Plastic waste from consumers is called post-consumer recyclate/resin (PCR). Waste plastic from industrial processes is called post-industrial recyclate/resin (PIR).
  • Thermal energy recycling: The energy contained in the plastics is used by incineration to generate electricity, for example.
  • Chemical recycling: The monomers or petrochemical based materials are recovered and used to produce material very similar to virgin quality.

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