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Trend Service

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Our Colour and Design Trend Service for You

It’s a known fact that the perception of colour interacting with surface textures such as gloss or haptics influences human behaviour and thus buying decisions as well. But which tendencies are relevant to which industries? What are the needs of consumers and which trends are predominant?

We pick up on social trends and the spirit of the times in our annual trend colour series. In doing so, we have set ourselves the goal of designing our trend colours according to our concept of eternal colours: circular masterbatches for biopolymers as well as recyclable for new products or regranulates.

Our main line: Colour Road

In our main trend colour line, we pick up on trends for consumer goods, everyday products and many other applications. For more than ten years, we have been working together with the colour and design trend service Colour Road. The experts at Colour Road - a RENOLIT brand - work closely with international trend institutes to identify global colour trends and compile them in annual trend reports.

Our cosmetics line: Shades of Beauty & Care

Every year, we present the latest trends for Beauty & Care in our colour line especially for the cosmetics industry. For this purpose, we draw on well-founded results from renowned trend institutes worldwide and bundle them in our current trend colour line.

Our Service
  • You’ll receive yearly insights into the latest trending colours and their developments.
  • We are gladly available to advise you on colour development.
  • You’ll gain new inspiration for your product developments.
  • We offer you personal colour consultations and, if needed, colour training for your team on site.

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Trend Service