Colour Road 2024
Trend Colours of the Colour Road 2024

Contribute to a world in peace

Our sample sets for Colour Road 2024: Eternity Colours in cooperation with RE Plano

The Covid 19 pandemic, wars and conflicts - tangibly close since 2022 now with uncertain consequences for Europe and the world - have clearly shown us how fragile, important and valuable peace is: for vital life, but also for mental health.

Our Motto “Contribute to a World in Peace”

These thoughts, longings, aspirations and movements lead into Colour Road 2024 Themes:

We do not only focus on this in the third theme: we underline this with the entire interpretation of Colour Road 24 and our attitude towards a sustainable, future-oriented colour development for polymer products.

Our Sample Sets: Six Colours, Two Polymers, One Cooperation

Even if it seems literally contrary at first glance, trend colours can also lead into “eternity colours” in the way they are developed. We have sampled six of the twelve Colour Road 24 colours in cooperation with RE Plano:

  1. as recyclable colours in virgin/virgin PP and
  2. as recyclable colours in recycled Planoprop PP from RE Plano

Lifocolor masterbatches designed as “eternity colours” can thus set the course for good recyclability already during processing and colouring and can be developed economically depending on the polymer type. Equipped with selected colourants, high temperature stability  and migration resistance, the six trend colour examples are optimised for multiple cycles. Depending on the recyclate type, the colour result may vary. Please contact us for further information.

Colour Road 2024

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