Contribute to collective care
Contribute to collective care

Community and Contentment

Community - Power - Optimism

Individuality and self-expression have strongly shaped our Western society. Although these are  good qualities on an individual level, we feel that something is in danger of being lost: the sense of community. And that we can draw great satisfaction and strength from that.  We have ani-mated this mindset in our trend theme by means of colours. The bold, cheerful and energetic colours can be used for contrasting combinations or together for harmonious colour gradients.

  • Take Care: This purple, halfway between red and blue, has a gracefulness that enhances concentration and awareness.
  • Glow: This warm orange owes its intensity to the extremely high chroma, which stimulates our crea-tivity to create something new and to make it ‘glow’.
  • Wave Blue: A very deep and dynamic dark grey-blue, which creates a good basis for connecting vibrations and effective relationships.
  • Open Sky: A very modern,  fresh medium blue with high vibrancy and fine balance.

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Contribute to collective care

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