Contribute to a healthy environment
Contribute to a healthy environment

For a healthy and peaceful environment

Planet - Mutuability - Nature Tones

We hear it almost every day: the world has reached a critical threshold. Whether the “tipping point” becomes a “turning point” remains to be seen and is entirely up to us humans. These crises are teaching us that we cannot go on like this and that we need to fundamentally change our attitudes and our behaviour, in order to preserve our planet and our future. We chose this truth as the starting point for our third trend theme, which deals with aspects of a better and healthier environment.

  • Wheat: A soft, muted yellow that evokes images of end-less wheat fields.
  • Denim: a pale blue with a low chroma and a black component, stands not only for jeans fash-ion, but also for environmentally friendly new production processes and the reuse movement.
  • Rich Soil: is  a typical earthy-warm light brown with a higher chroma, but also represents the growing awareness of the value of our soils, their sensitivity and conservation. 
  • Extreme Green: is a bold, intensely luminous green-blue which not only evokes the image of an emerald-green chameleon, but also reminds us of the adaptability we need for sustainable forms of mobility, urban development and living.

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Contribute to a healthy environment

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