Contribute to your own awareness
Contribute to your own awareness

Peace in Body, Mind and Soul

Balance - Selfreflection - Neutral Shades

Uncertainty and change have become our permanent companions. It is a challenge to keep our balance and find our own contentment. Only those who are at peace with themselves, who are aware of themselves and their strengths can meet others in the same way. This also includes understanding what is good for you, what is important, which values you represent and how you want to live. We translated these thoughts into a trend theme and colours, which represent soft and discreet neutrals, which can provide a calming, natural sense of well-being.

  • Inner Peace: The warm grey of with its increased red component creates a sense of harmonious calm and contemplation.
  • Conscious: is intended to draw our attention to the conscious use of our own resources, as well as those of nature and society.
  • Trust You: With its pastel yet striking pink it encourages us to consciously use our energies to create something good.
  • Values: a deep mineral red with a low yellow component, which goes straight to the heart and embodies strength and appreciation.

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Contribute to your own awareness

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