Shades of Beauty & Care 2025
Shades of Beauty & Care 2025

Trends for cosmetics

Futuristic - Emotions - Creativity - Freedom

Our zeitgeist is characterised by (geo)political challenges, uncertainty about the future and volatility. Historically, crises have always been there, but what is new is their speed and the perceived increase in simultaneity. Digital transformation, artificial intelligence, climate change and globalization are influencing our moods and target groups. We have developed four relevant themes for Shades of Beauty & Care 2025:

  • "Ecolusion": Nature as futuristic fiction: ecological messages and demands are reinterpreted.
  • "Emotional Radiance": The focus is on people and the exploration of their feelings, ageing, sexuality and emotions.
  • "Playful Aesthetics": Bold creativity provides a shot of optimism by taking up our childhood memories in an ironic way.
  • "Sun Dance": Defy all challenges with summer as a season of letting go, accompanied by sports, parties and a more vibrant beauty.

Read more about this in our booklet.

Our Sample Set

This sample set (picture right) contains four perfectly matching pastel colours. Each colour has been carefully selected to form a harmonious combination that is not olny aesthetically beautiful, but also offers unique possibilities in the field of product design.

Discover the versatility and timeless beauty of these colours and be inspired by ther soft appearance.

This samples in the Box are coloured in PE/PP.

Shades of Beauty & Care 2025

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