Emotional Radiance
Emotional Radiance

Feminity - Longevity - Imperfection - Dark Moods

People and their feelings take centre stage

Life and femininity are celebrated in all their complexity as we explore the emotions that vary between gentle melancholy and indestructible energy. We sympathetically accept the passage of time and our less than perfect bodies convey a powerful and authentic vision of being a woman.

Colour palette "Emotional Radiance":
  • A warm and high-contrast palette awaits us with bright sandy beige and caramel accents paired with the darker and smokier shades of dusty pink and reddish brown.
  • Magnetic blacks and the ash grey provide density while a dominant, fiery red makes the whole palette vibrate.
  • So here we have an interplay of sensual reds tending towards eroticism and ecstasy, creative, luxurious purple and violet nuances, a distinctly feminine, slightly playful pink and down-to-earth, timeless neutrals.

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Emotional Radiance

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