Playful Aesthetics
Playful Aesthetics

Childhood - Fun - Creativity - Nostalgia

The Spirit of childhood as a source of joy and safety

In a world often characterized by heaviness, we celebrate the carefree spirit of childhood as a source of joy and safety. We remember the icons of our childhood and are inspired by their unique creativity. This creative energy inspires a playful, fun and bold aesthetic that occasionally challenges the boundaries of conventional taste.

Colour palette "Playful Aesthetics":
  • The multicoloured palette combines bright colours with pastel shades.
  • A deep medium chromatic orange, magenta and royal blue contrast with soft and rich pastel shades such as baby pink and blue, mint green and purple.
  • A sparkling canary yellow in contrast to a soft, buttery yellow.
  • A frog green and charcoal black add a strange and experimental creative touch to the regressive, childlike mood.

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Playful Aesthetics

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