Technology - Fantasy - Water - Minerals

Architects of a futuristic Eden

Responding to eco-anxiety, a movement to re-enchant nature is encouraging creatives to be the architects of a futuristic Eden. Technology, imagination and sensuality are combined to preserve natural resources. The focus is on biodiversity and water, which is seen as the new blue gold. They form the core of fictional explorations in which technology and nature thrive in harmony.

Colour palette "Ecolusion" 
  • Aquatic nuances with iridescent and phosphorescent reflections range from a deep blue to an artificial sea green.
  • Blue as a fresh colour in lighter shades - always in motion like water - futuristic in its approach.
  • In the dark blue rather deep, down-to-earth, reliable, just like the dark and somewhat dirty-looking green, but always natural.
  • The lighter green and aqua tones have an equally invigorating, refreshing, vitalising and lighter effect.
  • The sandy, earthy accents in contrast, representing the desert, dryness and also resilience, suggest an almost surrealistic world, a fictitious fantasy emphasised by a touch of immaculate white.
  • The sand and butter tones have more of a greenish touch.

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