Shades of Beauty & Care 2024
Shades of Beauty & Care 2024

Trends for cosmetics

Peace, tranquillity, liberality, self-determination

The trend-setting colour world 2024 for the beauty & personal care industry appears to be contradictory, but has a common motif: a perceptible longing for peace and tranquillity as well as liberality and self-determination:

  • In the NATURAL SENSES and BACK TO THE ROOTS show a striving for connection and belonging. On the one hand, towards the essential, calming and soothing forces of nature. On the other hand, towards our identity-giving roots and a humility towards different cultural traditions. The colour palettes are warm, intense and authentic - and ideally suited to the "eternity colours" concept.
  • In the FUTURISTIC WELLNESS and FREE NOSTALGIA themes, an experimental, more modern colourism demonstrates the desire for coherence and autonomy much more boldly. Metallic, pastel nuances meet dissonant, intense and expressive tones.

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Shades of Beauty & Care 2024

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