Colour Road 2023
Accents for the Circular Economy

Lifocolor Presents Colour Road Trend Colours 2023 on Recycling Basis

Colour Road 2023: Trend Colours on Recycling Basis

Finally travelling again! After more than two years of the Corona pandemic and many upheavals in politics and world affairs, the longing for faraway places is immense. The trend colours of Colour Road 2023 invite you on a journey into the depths of the ocean, the vastness of space and to new places on our earth.

12 inspiring trend colours
  • "Deep Ocean Level": The resulting trend colours are the two blue shades Sea Pioneer and Atlantic, the intense pastel green Nekton as well as Space Glow as a golden accent.
  • "Ground Level": The muted Lichen Green has a calming effect, the rich, warmly vibrant Pilgrim Shell is found in nature and conveys a positive aura. The resolute red Artist sets strong accents to match the cool violet shade Sphere.
  • "Cosmos Level": The colours are souvenirs of an interplanetary journey: the strong orange tone Mars stands for hopes and perspectives, the muted rust red tone Crypto could come from a snapshot of the Martian atmosphere. Mineral Grey, with its mineral origins, is reminiscent of the dusty lunar surface and the striking turquoise Caldera shines as a bold accent colour.
Sustainability and trend colours in harmony

Sustainability plays a major role in our colour discovery journey. As a manufacturer of polymer colours, we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and work with passion to develop optimal and sustainable colours.
With our interpretation of the Colour Road 2023, we have created twelve trend colours with light or dark PCR type. The colours are thus optimally formulated for the cycle flow: with stable colourants that survive a large number of recycling cycles with corresponding processing temperatures, as well as high temperature stability and migration resistance.
The Colour Road Trend Report 2023 shows quite clearly: recyclable colours are anything but " dull", but can be exciting and lively at the same time. We would be happy to examine how we can adjust the formulations to your PCR type.

And now let our Trend Colours 2023 inspire you and take you on a journey to new worlds!

Join us on the journey to Colour Road 2023:

Colour Road 2023

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