Colour Road 2023 - Colours for Cosmetics
Colour Road 2023 – Colours for Cosmetics

Sustainable Colours for Cosmetics Industry


The concept of travelling generally serves as a beautiful metaphor for human nature. It means progress and change, as well as experiences, encounters, insights and the beauty of what lies ahead. Travel is associated with
curiosity, excitement, anticipation and emotions – it is, simply put, the essence of what it means to feel truly alive.

In our Colour Road 2023 for the cosmetics industry, we are focusing on travelling. It’s human nature to want to explore the unknown, so that we can have new experiences that delight our senses and open up new perspectives for us, and we also want these same experiences from the beauty & care products we use: emotional journeys into different (emotional) worlds!

After the times of lockdowns and restrictions as a result of the pandemic, make up is making a strong comeback, driven by the demand for bold colours and effects. There is new-found momentum in the cosmetics industry with interplay between essentials, sustainability, creative boldness and innovation.

The new trend colours open up new spheres for us to explore: To the DEEP LEVEL, where we break free of conventions to celebrate uniqueness and creativity. To the ESSENTIAL LEVEL, where we become aware of biological diversity, natural materials and our responsibility for the earth’s ending resources. And finally to the COSMIC LEVEL, where we can experience experimental progress and become adaptable to new challenges.

Alongside the right choice of colour for your product comes the appropriate selection of polymer material. The strongest trend here is toward recycling, which is why, for the first time, Lifocolor has developed several pioneering
shades from 100% recycled materials. Whether it’s for virgin materials, recycled materials or biopolymers, we advise you on how your desired (trend) colour shade may look like with different materials. So join our journey to the perfect colour for your product!

The Lifocolor Team

Booklet Colour Road 2023 - Colours for Cosmetics (PDF)

Sample set shown on the right: Cooperation with product samples in Trend Colours 2023
Colour Development: Lifocolor Group /
Cosmetic Packaging: Gramß GmbH /

About Gramß GmbH:

The limited company Gramss GmbH was established in 1989 in Tettau, northern Bavaria. Given our continuous growth, we were first drawn to Lauenstein, and then on to Spechtsbrunn in 2004. This is from where we serve our clients in the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industries. As a family-owned and operated business, our dealings are characterized by farsighted decision-making, with sustainability at the forefront. Consistency, reliability, transparency and a sense of responsibility are the foundations of our company.

Colours and Products:

Selection coloured in tins 0511 (25ml) and suitable caps 0513 from the plastic processor Gramß

Joy (Art. 1003014) 5% in PP
Hot Pink (Art. 3007174) 8% in rPP
Leaf Green (Art. 4006037) 7% in rPP
Firestar (Art. 10022) 8% in rPP
Progress (Art. 5007163) 5% in PP

The sample sets can be requested from Lifocolor at any time.

Colour Road 2023 - Colours for Cosmetics

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