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Masterbatches for the Recycling Loop

Optimising the Recycling Process

Solutions for Colouring

Our LifoCycle colour masterbatches are a sustainable solution for polymers whose colour characteristics should be maintained over many recycling cycles:

  • They are specifically designed for polyesters (rPET/PET) and polyolefins (rPE/PE, rPP/PP) and can be based on either 100 per cent PCR (post-consumer recyclates) carriers or virgin material.
  • The carrier systems are precisely adapted to the respective recyclates and their processing temperatures.
  • Our colourants used are characterised by high temperature stability and migration resistance.

Our range includes both individual colour formulations and standard black and white concentrates.

Solutions for Sorting

For improved recyclability of black polymer products, we offer NIR-detectable black concentrates based on 100 percent PCR carriers or virgin material. The black concentrates enable detection by sorting systems in the near-infrared range (NIR). This means that dyed plastic products can be fed into the recycling cycle in a polymer-specific way. Products that are conventionally coloured black and do not show successful NIR detection must normally be disposed of thermally. An analysis report from the cyclos-HTP Institute confirms the successful identifiability and safe sortability of Lifocolor NIR black concentrates. Many of these products also meet the required approvals for food contact applications according to EU Directive 10/2011 and FDA.

Solutions for Stabilising

The increasing demands in the field of circular economy require high-quality, thermally stable additive solutions that can survive multiple recycling cycles.

  • Our standard product LifoCycle Stab 5/132 rPET with pure rPET carrier offers exactly that. It protects the contents of rPET bottles with a targeted combination of additives without significantly affecting the colour shade. This contributes to the long-lasting quality of recycled materials and supports the sustainable use of resources.
  • LifoCycle Clear is an additive solution for rPET that can be used to optimise variations in colour, transparency and the desired target colour of recyclate types, among other things. We also develop other additives on request, such as slip agents and anti-block masterbatches for recycling applications.
Hand holds transparent, bluish plastic granules

More Solutions for reused polymers