Lifocolor, s.r.o.
Lifocolor, s.r.o.


Lifocolor, s.r.o. is a daughter company of Lifocolor Farben GmbH & Co. KG Germany

In order to produce solutions of the same quality across Europe, the Lifocolor Group works with standardized primary products based on powder or granulates.

In case of high quality requirements, pre-dispersed intermediates (mono batches) are used across the group. This allows all Lifocolor plants to manufacture products at the same high quality level as in the mother company in Germany. Customers receive the same quality standard across Europe.

About Lifocolor, s.r.o.:

  • Lifocolor, s.r.o. was founded in 1993 in Brno, in Czech Republic.
  • Current plant is located in Brno in industrial zone Černovická terasa on street Ericha Roučky 2.
  • In the plant are employed 35 people.
  • The company is ISO 9001:2015 (EN), ISO 9001:2016 (CZ), ISO 14001:2015 (EN) and ISO 14001:2016 (CZ) certified.
  • Lifocolor, s.r.o. produces on 6 production lines.
  • The annual capacity for the production of masterbatches amounts 1,500 t.
  • Lifocolor, s.r.o. has 5 development lines as well as extensive equipment for analysis and colour measurement. Special material testing is possible in the technical center of the mother company.
  • For our customers we develop almost 1,000 colour reproductions per year.

Lifocolor, s.r.o. markets and supplíes the countries of the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Romania, countries of former Jugoslavia and others.

Contact Details:

Lifocolor, s.r.o.
Ericha Roučky 2
627 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Telefon: +420 548211388

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Lifocolor, s.r.o.

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