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New: Lifocolor Bio-C Natural-based Masterbatches

From Nature into Nature

Lifocolor presents two additional shades of Bio-C masterbatches for biobased and/or biodegradable polymers at FAKUMA 2023. | Lifocolor

In the course of our eternal colours concept and with regard to the high demands on colour concentrates for biopolymers, we have developed new masterbatches: based on 100% natural, or even vegan colourants. These are made using particularly environmentally friendly manufacturing processes in Europe.

The Lifocolor Bio-C plant-based masterbatches offer a wide choice of colours. They can be processed in the extrusion and injection moulding process at temperatures of up to 240 °C. Upon request, we can also assess a development for food contact approvals. The colour products are ideally suited for bio-based, biodegradable PLAs, PLA blends, PHAs and PHA blends. However, they can, in principle also be developed for other biopolymers such as bio-based bio PEs.

All Benefits of the Lifocolor Natural-based Bio-C Masterbatches:
  • Up to 100% natural, or even vegan basis possible
  • For bio-based and/or biodegradable polymers
  • Large choice of colours
  • For processing in extrusion and injection moulding process up to approx. 240 °C
  • Development testable for food contact approval
Inspiration from Nature and Environment | Lifocolor
Background: Colour(s) for Eternity

The circular approach to business management brings with it the challenge for goods manufacturers of returning anything taken from the earth back to the earth in the most original and uncontaminated state possible. This is the foundation of sustainable living and it gives rise to the idea of a circular economy, which is embodied in the cradle to cradle idea. For this cycle, the choice of colourants must be included in the decision-making process at an early stage due to very high requirements.

Our concept of ETERNITY COLOURS has been developed in association with VENN Kreativ GbR in Berlin. We are guided by various questions: Which colours and colour impressions from the environment and nature will remain with us in the foreseeable future and inspire our senses? Which colourants can we use to incorporate these “eternal” colours and colour impressions in the world of polymers in a sustainable and recyclable way? Are there also „eternal“ colourants that can be the best basis for this?

Our eternity colours concept is based on the following aspects:
We want to translate this inspiration from the colours of nature and environment into the world of polymers. We must also evaluate the available colourants for their recyclability. And we evaluate new developments in colourants openly, keenly and inquisitively and professionally. We at Lifocolor develop our formulas so that they ideally support the utilisation phase as well as the after-use process. This approach, along with our actions, enables us to unite
colour and polymers for an unlimited time – for eternity – while being in harmony with our environment.