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Expansions in Straufhain

Modernisation Measures in Straufhain

Expansions in Straufhain

As part of the modernisation and expansion programme for Lifocolor colours in Germany, work has begun on the Straufhain (Thuringia) site. A 2,500 m² warehouse and logistics building is being constructed adjacent to the existing building. In a second step, the production buildings will be modernised and adapted to the increased requirements in the masterbatch production area.
The new hall will be built according to modern energy construction methods in line with KfW 55 and will thus significantly exceed the legal requirements. The planned photovoltaic system will enable approx. 35 % of the required electrical energy to be produced sustainably by the company itself. By recovering existing heat from production processes, Lifocolor will be able to provide approx. 40% of the required heating energy through process waste heat after the modernisation measures. Lifocolor thus contributes to the global goals of reducing CO2 emissions.

The CO2 emissions of the new hall will fall 30% below the EnEV requirement and the CO2 emissions of the existing building stock will also be reduced by 30% after modernisation.

In addition, the masterbatch manufacturer will thus meet the high requirements of the energy policy according to ISO 50001 with regard to sustainable use of the energy required for product manufacture.