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Lifocolor presents trend and eternity colours at Cosmetic Business 2023

The Lifocolor Group will be exhibiting masterbatch innovations and inspirations for plastic beauty & care products at Cosmetic Business in Munich on 14 and 15 June 2023.

At stand E02 in hall 4, visitors will learn more about the development concept of "eternal colours": recyclable masterbatches for both biopolymers and recyclable for new products or regranulates. Creative and diverse design ideas are provided by "Shades of Beauty & Care" with colour trends for 2024.

In order to manufacture beauty & care products and packaging partly or completely from sustainable polymers, the following solutions are currently in progess: On the one hand, from fossil or biobased and/or biodegradable virgin material with design of its recyclability and sortability. On the other hand, from recycled polymers and optimised for further loops. The Lifocolor Group will present at its stand as well as in its lecture at the Cosmetic Business fair how "eternity colours" can be ideally developed as masterbatch solutions for the different cycles.

The concept of "eternity colours" reflects the development approach of how Lifocolor designs recyclable masterbatches: Inspired by nature and the environment, considering all new developments in the field of colourants as well as with their careful selection so that both the use and the reuse phase of the plastics are ideally supported. Irrespective of working whether with virgin polymers, PCR (Post-Consumer Recyclates), PIR (Post-Industrial Recyclates) or even biopolymers and in regard of first or repeated cycles: The development concept enables plastics to be coloured aesthetically and in a variety of ways in the future as well.

Masterbatches for recyclable & recycled polymers

If coloured products are developed for mechanical recycling with fossil-based plastics, the choice of colourant must be included in the decision-making process at an early stage. This is the only way to guarantee the suitability of the colours for the use and reprocessing phases. Already during the processing of virgin polymer goods and recyclates, Lifocolor masterbatches designed as "eternity colours" can set the course for good recyclability and sortability. The recyclable colour concentrates with high temperature stability and migration resistance outlast multiple process cycles: whether as standard products, as desired or in the latest trend colours 2024. As standard or in individual development, they also enable detection and sorting capability in the near-infrared range (NIR).

Natural and plant-based masterbatches for bioplastics

The biopolymer cycle has even higher standards with a view to choice of colourant – particularly if the cycle ends with composting. Particularly high requirements have to be met here, also with regard to colouring. As part of its "eternity colours" concept, Lifocolor has developed Bio-C masterbatches based on 100 % natural and vegan ingredients. They can be processed at temperatures up to approx. 240 degrees Celsius in extrusion and injection moulding processes and are ideally suited for biobased, biodegradable PLAs, PLA blends, PHAs and PHA blends. In principle, they can also be developed for other biopolymers.

New trend line "Shades of Beauty & Care 2024

The trend-setting colour world 2024 for the beauty & personal care industry appears to be contradictory, but has a common motif: a perceptible longing for peace and tranquillity as well as liberality and self-determination. In the "Natural Senses" and "Back to the Roots" theme worlds of the new Lifocolor trend line "Shades of Beauty & Care 2024", the colours show a striving for connection and belonging. On the one hand, towards the essential, calming and soothing forces of nature. On the other hand, towards our identity-giving roots and a humility towards different cultural traditions. The colour palettes are warm, intense and authentic - and ideally suited to the "eternity colours" concept. In the "Futuristic Wellness" and "Free Nostalgia" themes, an experimental, more modern colourism demonstrates the desire for coherence and autonomy much more boldly. Metallic, pastel nuances meet dissonant, intense and expressive tones.