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Highest quality for white Laser marking on black POM and PA

Lifocolor has added a new additive batch to its LIFOLAS M laser marking portfolio for even higher-contrast labeling on black POM.

LIFOLAS M Black 112031 POM

Laser marking has established itself as a fast, precise and flexible process for marking plastic parts. A laser additive masterbatch enables contact-free, permanent marking without the need for ink or solvents. Lifocolor has added a new POM-based additive batch to its LIFOLAS M portfolio for even higher-contrast marking on black polyoxymethylene (POM): LIFOLAS M Black 112031 POM achieves an almost pure white colour quality and, together with LIFOLAS M Black 114031 PA for polyamides (PA), sets the highest quality standards for light-coloured markings on dark or deep black substrates.

Be it in creative packaging design, in the finishing of office products or in automotive interiors: Laser marking of plastic parts has found its way into many industries and for good reason. The technology is not only abrasion-resistant and therefore durable and forgery-proof. It is just as flexible and suitable for almost all polymers and, thanks to its rapid implementation and variability, fits in very well with production and manufacturing processes.

Special laser additive masterbatches suitable for every material

A prerequisite for laser marking is the conversion of laser energy into heat on the surface of the plastic part to be marked. Since many plastics cannot absorb laser radiation in the near-infrared light range, it is essential to sensitise the polymer to the laser by adding an additive. Different raw polymers, colourants and other additives react very differently, and it is important to match the right additive batch to the particular polymer to be used.

Some polymers, such as polycarbonates (PC), can be marked without laser additives under certain conditions. Others, on the other hand, require special additives to achieve the highest possible contrast in marking.

Lifolas M offers individual solutions for laser marking

With LIFOLAS M, Lifocolor, as an experienced manufacturer of colour masterbatches, additive preparations and compounds, offers a range of 18 tailor-made laser additive products in series. The newly developed LIFOLAS M Black 112031 based on POM achieves an almost pure white colour quality on deep black background and thus already contains the black base colouring. The included laser additive thus provides a unique, radiant contrast and premium quality in the resulting laser marking. 

LIFOLAS M Black 112031 POM is generally added at a rate of two per cent and, thanks to its EG 10/2011 and FDA conformity, it also extends the range of applications, for example for equipment, containers or packaging that comes into contact with food.

Unique bright contrasts and contours

In laser marking, a high-energy bundled light beam is directed to a specific point on the material surface, which can lead to foaming, carbonisation or ablation. POM and PA are typical plastics that tend to foam. LIFOLAS M Black 112031 POM and LIFOLAS M Black 114031 PA cause the enriched material to absorb the laser energy and produce a sharply contoured typeface with an unparalleled white contrast.

The seventeen supplementary additive preparations in the LIFOLAS M range are suitable for twelve other types of plastic, dark lettering on light-coloured substrates or lettering on transparent applications. Lifocolor also supports its customers in developing tailor-made products for new applications that are not covered by the company's proven portfolio.

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