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Lifoslip innovation: Better protection against scratches and film build-up

Lifoslip D 20/112 PP is a newly developed anti-scratch additive not only strengthening the scratch resistance, but additionally preventing the build-up of a white film on dark surfaces.


With Lifoslip D 20/112 PP, Lifocolor Farben offers a newly developed anti-scratch additive in its lubricant range. It not only strengthens the scratch resistance of the polymer, but additionally prevents the build-up of a white film that can form after using standard anti-scratch additives and which is especially noticeable on dark surfaces. The improved formula sets Lifoslip D 20/112 PP as a benchmark both in the cosmetics and packaging industry as well as in the production of polypropylene housings and linings.

Scratches on the surfaces of the products can often occur during the polymer manufacturing process. If manufacturers want to lend their products a sense of elegance and intrinsic value with a dark, black or deep deep black colour palette, then scratches can greatly detract from the look. Anti-scratch additives by and large solve the problem that often comes with warehousing: a white film that transfers from standard additives to the produce surface and that can give the product an inferior look and diminish its quality. 

Combination of effects with twice the benefit

The anti-scratch additive not only reveals a high level of scratch resistance for polypropylene, but also demonstrably prevents the build-up of white film. Not only is the functional effectiveness and feel of the new product impressive, but the long-lasting aesthetics are too. LIFOSLIP D 20/112 PP is also available as a combo-batch - a colour and additive in one product. "With this addition to our Lifoslip range of lubricants, we offer manufacturers a highly valuable solution. The products are uncompromisingly convincing not only in its functions and look and feel, but also in a permanently aesthetic appearance," says Marco Meixner, Head of Research and Development at Lifocolor Group.

Impressive product qualities, even for sensitive applications

The new LIFOSLIP D 20/112 PP is suitable as an additive for production processes with PP-H, PP-C and PP-R. It is added in doses (let down ratio) of two to three per cent. It boasts improved thermal stability and good organoleptic qualities. With EU and FDA approval, it is used in the cosmetic and packaging industries. LIFOSLIP D 20/112 PP is effective immediately after demoulding and remains effective for several months.

Additions to the effective Lifoslip lubricant product range

LIFOSLIP is a masterbatch product range that consists of processing aids and functional additives. As a processing aid, LIFOSLIP improves solutions depending on the composition of the melted polymer flowability, facilitates mould filling, assists in demoulding and modifies the surface of the end product in regards to gloss, feel and slip.

With LIFOSLIP D 20/112 PP, Lifocolor Farben expands its lubricant additive assortment. Within the LIFOSLIP product range, each additive distinguishes itself in the way it works and with its polarities, from which various types of polymer compatibility form.

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