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Authentic granite effects for thermoplastic polymers

The effect masterbatches are ideally suited for the effective finishing of polymer packaging and products. They thus lend a timeless, sophisticated, and yet natural product design to consumer goods from the beauty and care, garden, household, sport, leisure, office and stationery segments, for example. The colour concentrates are currently available in four nuances.

Granite Masterbatch
Granite look enabled by effect masterbatches for polymers

Lifocolor first presented its effect in four colours for polyolefins (PE, PP) at the FAKUMA trade fair in October 2023. The first formulas for engineering polymers (ABS, PMMA, TPE) have since been developed as well. All developments meet the requirements for approval for food contact in accordance with 10/2011 EU and FDA regulations. They can be processed using common injection and extrusion techniques at temperatures up to 280 degrees Celsius. The effect here can be achieved for other polymers on request – and depending on the feasibility of the process in each case.

„We know from our business partners that many customers would like to see polymers with a stone or wood appearance that looks as authentic as possible. With our new granite effect, we have developed an impressive-looking masterbatch solution for colouring polymers.”

Marco Meixner, Head of Research and Development at Lifocolor Farben GmbH
Variety and unique optics

Granite embodies strength, stability and magnificence. It is an attractive material not least thanks to its broad range of colours: Granite can occur in light grey tones, blue, red, yellow shades, or even virtually black. Fine structures, even grain patterns and lighter shades make it look more delicate and intricate. Glittering mica particles reinforce the impression of high value and quality. Coarse grain patterns and dark colours make for a cooler and more solid look. These varied and appealing effects stemming from granite’s natural origin make the granite look quite interesting for numerous applications, including those relating to polymers.

Imitation of natural materials in polymers is very much in demand

The requirements for products and packaging in consumer goods segments such as beauty and care, garden, household, sport, leisure, and office and stationery are very stringent: such products and packaging need to stand out from a large number of other products and packagings in terms of their attractiveness, and they also need to represent their brand and win over customers in a variety of ways. Colour and finishing play a major role in sales success here.

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