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Lifocolor provides laser marking of SAN polymers in the highest quality

Outstanding brilliance with the laser masterbatch LIFOLAS M 114031 SAN

Lifocolor optimises its product portfolio for laser marking: The new LIFOLAS M Black 114031 SAN Masterbatch provides laser marking of SAN polymers at the highest level.

For an even better result for laser marking on styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) polymers, Lifocolor has further developed its corresponding LIFOLAS M reference: The new LIFOLAS M Black 114031 SAN enables even higher contrast marking of SAN polymers. Lifolas M Black 114031 SAN is also suitable for ABS, ABS/PC and ASA. Similar to the premium quality of LIFOLAS M Black 112031 POM for polyoxymethylene (POM) and LIFOLAS M Black 114031 PA for polyamides (PA), you can achieve an almost pure white marking quality even with low dosages from two percent. Lifocolor thus sets the highest quality standards for light markings on dark or deep black substrates.
Laser marking background

Laser marking is used in numerous application areas, whether for cables and pipes, electrotechnical components or even food and cosmetic packaging. Laser marking has the advantage that marking is possible on almost all surface structures and no solvents or printing inks have to be used.

In addition, laser marking is particularly durable, as it is abrasion-resistant, chemical-resistant and lightfast - making it very tamper-proof. Particularly for applications such as bar and QR codes, safety seals or other security markings, a special contour sharpness and high contrast is advantageous in order to ensure quality assurance and traceability. Laser-sensitive additives in polymers significantly increase readability and thus accelerate processes.

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