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Powerful white concentrates for applications made of polyesters and polyolefins

Our high-opacity white concentrates, suitable for let-down-ratios starting from 1 per cent, is ideal for cost-effective manufacturing of thin-walled articles and delivers brilliant results with regranulates.

Six white bottles
Brilliant and cost-saving colouring for applications made of polyesters and polyolefins | Lifocolor

For the production of applications made of polyesters and polyolefins as well as thin-walled articles such as bottles and films, the choice of material and thus the colouring costs are decisive factors. Our white concentrates are characterised by a particularly high pigment content and are optimal for such applications. They are available on the basis of virgin as well as recycled carriers.

Compared to conventional standard products on the market, these highly loaded batches have a high degree of whiteness. Even at low let-down-ratios starting at just one percent, they develop enormous opacity. This not only results in economic advantages, but manufacturers also achieve more brilliant results when colouring regranulates.

Same colour result with lower let-down-ratios

A comparison between our White Masterbatches White PET 50 and White PET 70 reveals

  • For the same colour outcome, a dosage of 2.0% is required for White PET 50 while only 1.4% is needed for White PET 70.
  • This leads to approximately 15% savings in colouring costs with White PET 70.
  • Furthermore iincreasing the dosage to 2.0% results in an even more brilliant colour outcome, especially when working with regranulates.

White PET 70 presents a cost-effective and high-quality solution for colouring thin-walled articles, allowing manufacturers to save on production costs.

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