Mono Concentrates (SPC)
Mono Concentrates (SPC)

The preliminary product to the masterbatch

Fast, Flexible and Always In Stock

Mono concentrates or single pigment concentrates (SPC) are a pre-product for the production of masterbatches and compounds. In the form of a formula, dispersed mono concentrates can be processed into masterbatches or compounds.

Processing is quick, easy and, above all, dust-free, since the dispersing and homogenizing of the colourants has already been carried out in a defined polymer type. Generally mono concentrates are available from stock.

Mono Concentrates for Plastics Processors

For polymer manufacturers and processors, mono concentrates offer an interesting raw material alternative to the common powder preparations.

Mono concentrates enable plastics processors to set up their own coloristics in order to be able to meet their market requirements more flexibly.

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Mono Concentrates (SPC)

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