Additive Batches

For important properties and functions in plastics

We Make Your Products Even Better

Additives give your plastic products certain properties. For example, they can be protected from UV light, enable marking or prevent static charging. We differentiate here between two properties: stabilising and functionalising.

Stabilisation for Longevity

We use stabilisers to make materials more resistant to external influences and more durable. We stabilise the plastic with the help of UV-protective agents, for example, so that it retains its colour and material properties during its useful life. In this way you protect your product from UV radiation and weathering.


  • protection against UV radiation and content protection (LIFOSTAB)
  • improvement of oxidation resistance and heat aging (LIFOX)

Functionalization for New Properties

Sometimes products require certain properties that the polymer does not have. In such cases, functional additives are used that make precisely these applications possible. These include antistatic agents or laser additives.


  • permanent and precise marking of plastic parts (LIFOLAS M)
  • connection of component components by laser welding (LIFOLAS W)
  • prevention of static charge (LIFOSTAT)
  • protection against UV radiation and content protection (LIFOSTAB)
  • improvement of flowability and mould filling as well as demoulding aid (LIFOSLIP)

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