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Consistent quality in the circular economy: additives for recycled polymers

In view of the growing demand for sustainable products, polymer converters are increasingly turning to PCR - especially for thin-walled articles such as bottles or film applications. Quality remains the number one priority. High-quality, heat-resistant additives such as LifoCycle-Stab and LifoCycle-Clear from our LifoCycle portfolio effectively stabilise recycled plastics and ensure consistent performance across many recycling cycles.

UV and filling protection for rPET

LifoCycle Stab 5/132 rPET contributes significantly to the UV stability of bottles and films made of rPET. Thanks to a carefully selected combination of additives, it also reliably protects the contents of rPET bottles without causing significant changes in the colouring when used in the appropriate let-down-ratio. The formulation meets the strict requirements of EC and FDA regulations, which makes it suitable for use in food contact.

Graph comparing light transmission with and without LifoCycle rod.
The PCR polymer added with 1.3 % LifoCycle Stab 5/132 rPET doesn't let visible UV light pass through. | LifoCycle Brochure
PCR in consistent quality

Recyclers and converters face the challenge of the wide variation in the quality of the PCR used. With the LifoCycle-Clear additive solution for rPET, colour variations of recyclate types can be compensated. In addition, LifoCycle-Clear optimises the transparency and desired target colour of different recyclate types. Recyclers and processors thus obtain a consistent colouring of their PCR type. We also develop customised solutions on request, including slip agents and anti-block masterbatches specifically for recycling applications.

Comprehensive solutions for reused polymers

Our versatile LifoCycle portfolio includes a wide range of products to improve the colouring, sorting and stabilisation of polymer components and packaging within the recycling loop. For an overview of our LifoCycle portfolio, click here.