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Brilliant Gold

The Golden Age for Your Product Design

Gold Masterbatches with Incredible Shine

Gold, the most legendary noble metal, has fascinated mankind for centuries: it does not corrode and it remains resiliently pure and shiny, making it both valuable and highly sought-after. It has had an impact on a vast array of cultures: whether in religions as an expression of sanctity and purity, as a ritual burial object symbolising wealth or as a fashionable piece of jewellery to emphasise beauty, exclusivity, luxury and elegance.

New gold masterbatches with incredible shine

To usher in a new golden age of plastics processing, Lifocolor has developed new masterbatches for a particularly brilliant effect. Four different nuances turn packaging in tremendously rich, pure gold tones with a velvety shimmer.
The PE-based brilliant gold masterbatches are suitable for polyolefines (e.g. PP, PE) and can be used for injection, extrusion or bottle blow moulding processes at temperatures of up to 300° Celsius.

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Vier goldfarbene Halbkugeln aus Kunststoff

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