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Diffusor Masterbatch

Transparent Plastics with Frozen Effect

Special additive masterbatches can make highly transparent plastics such as PMMA, SAN, PC, and PET light-diffusing – while avoiding annoying hot spots. The new additive masterbatch Lifopal let transparent polymers appear “iced up“, similar to a frosted glass effect.

Lifopal masterbatches are suitable for light panels, lamp covers, structural panels and profiles as well as for decorative packaging, especially in the cosmetics industry. Extravagant frosted effects for decorative items. The excellent functional and technical properties of the LIFOPAL range are predestined for applications with “cool” frost effects looks, e.g. for decorative items in packaging. Their innovative technology enables a variety of visually extraordinary design variations and individual colour adjustments in unusual pastel shades. Especially glasses, bottles, jars and cans for cosmetics can be produced with special charm, using the Lifopal products.

Diffuser effect avoids hot spots on LED lighting

The diffuser effect of LIFOPAL creates a soft and homogenous light diffusion across the entire surface while ensuring out-standing translucency. Thanks to these properties LIFOPAL is particularly interesting for the rapidly growing LED market. LEDs have a significantly longer service life and consume significantly less energy than conventional light sources. However, their light is very intense and rigid which is perceived as extremely unpleasant by the human eye. If the light radiation of LEDs is covered by panels or profiles, so-called hot spots occur, i.e. the light radiation is not evenly distributed over the entire surface but is perceived selectively. Sharp contours of the light source are visible. If the light-scattering effect becomes too strong, the opposite occurs. In this case, the plastic component appears darker due to the blocked transmission. Thanks to its unique light diffusion properties LIFOPAL is the perfect solution for the production of technically brilliant LED products.

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