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Almost endless possibilities for designers

Changing magic from the colour lab

Effects from nature inspire colour experts and colourists to imitate them. The iridescent wings of some butterflies and dragonflies or the chitinous shells of some beetle species show numerous colour nuances. The so-called colour flop depends on the viewing angle and incidence of light. Special effect pigments amplify certain wavelengths, others are cancelled out. In this way, the colour image of the plastic article varies - similar to a soap bubble. We present ten colours with five light and five dark colour examples each.

Variety for designers

The light shades show the pure effect pigment without any added colour. They shimmer in light pastel shades of green or reddish, violet or blue. They therefore appear light and delicate - just like the dragonfly whose delicate wing serves as a model. The multicolour effect also works with dark colours. To achieve this, the same effects are combined with black pigments. The five resulting dark shades shimmer promisingly and are reminiscent of a peacock feather.

All flop effects are approved for the colouring of food contact materials according to EC and FDA. Thus they can be used in many areas.

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