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Classy Granite Look in Four Nuanced Shades

Granite is one of the hardest natural rocks on earth. It therefore embodies strength, stability and magnificence. And thanks to its broad range of colours it has always been an attractive construction material: granite presents itself in light grey tones, blue, red and yellow shades, or virtually black. Due to varying mineral compositions, formation conditions and crystallisation processes, it can be found in countless nuances and granularities.

This variance qualifies granite for numerous applications and appealing effects: fine structures, grain textures and lucid shades let it appear more intricate and especially sophisticated. Glimmer particles add an even greater touch of value and luxury. Coarse grain patterns and dark colours accentuate a cooler, more solid look. Lifocolor has developed colour masterbatches that give polyolefins (PE, PP) a classy granite look which are available in four nuanced shades that create a particularly authentic effect at dosages from five percent.

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