Limitless Atmosphere
Limitless Atmosphere

Atmosphere - Elementary Forces - Coolness

The phenomena of the sky

Wherever we go, there is something that accompanies us: the phenomena of the sky. We have always had a deep fascination with watching the clouds and studying the winds. “Limitless Atmosphere” is a tribute to our special relationship with the elemental forces of air and water. Throughout our history, this has not only helped us to protect ourselves from potential dangers, but has also shaped our cultural identity. Because what we see in the sky is not just a scientifically explainable interplay of elements - it is an individual reflection of our desires, dreams and fears. It reminds us that we live in a universe characterised by nothing less than constant change, and the beauty and unpredictability associated with it.

With “Light Cashmere”, we gaze into the misty morning light as a gentle mist slowly descends over the landscape. The warm, timeless beige symbolises the quiet beauty of the dawn, gently inviting us to pause and find our inner balance. Sometimes all it takes is a deep breath - a fact embodied by “Airy Blue”. The light blue colour represents the oxygen that makes life on this planet possible, and its light red hue makes it cosy and comfortable. Whereas the cool “Cloud” symbolises what makes the sky interesting: the cloud formations that have captured our imagination since childhood. Thanks to its black content, the silver colour has an unusual, striking depth. “Misty Forest” is a colour that captures the mysterious atmosphere of a misty forest. With its gentle blend of cool grey and green shades, “Misty Forest” is reminiscent of the soft wafts of mist floating between the tree trunks. “Phenomena” with its fascinating blend of vibrant yet subtle colour tones creates an aura of mystery. This colour is reminds us of the breathtaking phenomena of the sky, such as sunrises or cloud formations. “Phenomena” creates an atmosphere of wonder that celebrates the beauty and uniqueness of nature.

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Limitless Atmosphere

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