Unique Landscapes
Unique Landscapes

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The landscapes of our world as a precious heritage

The landscapes of our world are not only a source of inspiration, but also a precious heritage to be protected and preserved. “Unique Landscapes” invites you to explore and appreciate these wonders - not only as breathtaking aesthetic experiences, but also as home to diverse life forms. By immersing ourselves in their beauty and history, we not only deepen our connection with nature, we also realise how quickly we can interfere with natural processes and endanger what has been painstakingly created in the past.

Our journey begins with “Smoke Green”. Found in the vast, mysterious moors, this green has a naturally cloudy appearance due to its extremely low chroma. It is only recently that we have really begun to understand the value of these lush green areas for ecological cycles. “Wave Blue” echoes the vastness of the oceans. As adaptable as the water itself, the shade is unusually warm for a blue, thanks to its high red content. It is contrasted by the soft “Desert”, which represents the hot, dry sands of our world’s deserts. It reminds us how adaptable vegetation and wildlife are - and that life can develop and thrive even in the harshest conditions. “Indian Summer” takes us to the rugged mountain ranges of the North American prairie, the setting for countless adventures and myths. A perfect balance between orange and brown, the colour exudes warmth and comfort despite its harsh source of inspiration. Finally, “Peachy Blossom” guides us through fields of peach trees - their full blossom splendour creates an atmosphere of tenderness and beauty.

Discover the Colour Road with us in our trend film with the moorland guide Adrea Wissel

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Unique Landscapes

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