Precious Minerals
Precious Minerals

Mineral Resources - Appreciation - Naturalness

Treasures from the depths of the earth

Elements and ores from the depths of the earth are the true pioneers of our industrial development. Without them, many of our technological advances and innovations would be unthinkable. This journey into the fascinating world of “Precious Minerals” reveals the dazzling importance of these mineral resources, which permeate our everyday lives in so many different ways enriching them in ever more amazing and unexpected ways - no smartphone, screen or car would function without them. Exploring these rarities from the depths unfolds a story of discovery, research and innovation that has changed and shaped our - right up to the present day. At the same time, it reminds us to be more
sensitive to these precious resources and to recognise their finite nature in times of increasing resource scarcity. And to recognise them for what they are: Treasures from the depths of the earth.

It starts with “Ceramic Red”, a rich, mineral red with a medium chroma. Inspired by the clay that people have used for craft and construction for centuries, it evokes a sense of stability and warmth. In contrast, “Rare Earth” is a soft, warm brown with a high proportion of black pigments, symbolising the rare earths hidden deep within. This inspiration also gave rise to “Heat”, an intense, true red colour with no tendency towards yellow or blue. It symbolises lava and the energy that comes from the glowing power of the earth’s inner core. The final colours are “Japsis Red”, based on a gemstone with a rich, symbolic history, as well as “Calcite Beige”, inspired by the soft nuances of the calcite mineral. The latter, with its warm beige colour and subtle textures, is reminiscent of the natural beauty of stone and earth.

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Precious Minerals

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